My two year old ate motrin

26. prosince 2011 v 2:18

Best Answer: It is possible that she has a case of food poisoning, an allergy to something she ate, or that the fever hasn't arrived yet from a virus. Little ones can .
Nicky: What should you do if a 3 year old child ate one advil tablet would she have a stomach ache
Children. Government Panel Votes Nonprescription Cough and Cold Medicines Are Risky for Those Under 6 The FDA has been advised that children under 12
Dear Dr. Steve
my daughter is two and a half. and twice this week she has told My two year old ate motrin me her head hurts and she needs to lay down, she will hold her head My two year old ate motrin in her.
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Best Answer: Call tghe local Poisons Info line in your Stae/Country. 200mg ibuprofen is not recommended for ANYONE under 12 years so it may make her sick.
Best Answer: Dear lord. Does your babysitter give him whiskey to put him to sleep, too? Children absolutely can overdose on Motrin or Advil (ibuprofen .
Tylenol Question: Is It Ok To Give My Three Year Old Motrin And Tylenol Around The Same Time? If it is child sized then then it should be okay, go to to ask .
When my youngest son was 3, I was doing laundry and he was standing beside me, I mean like less than a foot away. I had poured fabric softner in the lid, and sat it .
Question - My dog just ate a 200mg Motrin. I caught her before she . . Find the answer to this and other Dog questions on JustAnswer.
Dog first aid: my dog ate motrin what do I do? My dog got my bottle of adult motrin and I think she ate some, what do I do? She has been vomiting on her own and I don .
Read all 5211 questions with answers, advice and tips about my one year old has bad breath from moms' communities. Some of the advice from Moms is: New Teeth, Sippy .
Best Answer: You're not a bad mom, trust and believe women have done much worse and in your panicky state already, it's no big surprise (trust me, I HAVE .
My 28 month old daughter has always been fussy, cranky, whatever you want to call it. High needs maybe? But the

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